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Best AI Tools List

1. Chat GPT

ChatGPT is a smart AI chatbot. It can write a variety of texts, including emails and articles, and it speaks like a human. It is also capable of providing answers.

When you ask ChatGPT to create AI images, texts, or videos, it can. This type of AI creates original content.

ChatGPT functions similarly to online chat assistance. If more explanation is required, it can respond to you. GPT refers to a smart system that gains improved response times by learning from users.

ChatGPT can accomplish a lot fast:

  • Answer questions
  • Work out math problems
  • Translate languages
  • Fix computer code
  • Write stories or poems
  • Sort things into groups

ChatGPT is fast. It can write an essay in a matter of seconds, as opposed to hours for a human.

However, ChatGPT is not flawless. Since it was trained using data up to 2021, there is a chance that it will occasionally be ignorant or make mistakes.

Chat GPT is free to use, but there is also a premium plan if you would like to use the advanced AI model, GPT 4.

2. Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is your adaptable AI partner, meant to boost creativity and productivity in a range of applications. Whether you are creating images from text descriptions, summarizing documents, or even drafting emails, this flexible tool can adjust to your needs. Simplify your work processes by assigning Copilot to write code in widely used programming languages like Python, C, and JavaScript or to summarize memos.

Copilot is evolving quickly, with frequent updates to its features and architecture. It is now unified under the Copilot brand after being known as Bing Chat. The features and interface are subject to change in light of the continuous advancement of the underlying technology.

Copilot integrates its features with a number of Microsoft 365 programmes. For example, Copilot in Teams facilitates effective meeting management, and Copilot in Outlook expedites inbox clearing. It helps with writing and editing in Word and data analysis in Excel. With Copilot’s assistance, PowerPoint presentations become more interesting, and it even allows for real-time coding within your editor.

Although Copilot’s basic version is free, there are premium versions available for Microsoft 365 and other services. For instance, enterprise clients can purchase Copilot for Microsoft 365 for $30 per user each month. GitHub Copilot offers individual and business plans, and there are other versions available at varying price points, such as Copilot for Sales and Service.

To put it briefly, Microsoft Copilot is an AI tool that is revolutionising the way we interact with technology by streamlining tasks and improving our online experiences. Whether for business or personal use, Copilot is becoming more and more essential to the contemporary software ecosystem.

3. Claude

Meet Claude, the cutting-edge AI assistant that Anthropic created to improve your work experience. Claude’s constitutional AI foundation makes it not only effective but safe, accurate, and secure as well. For professionals looking to improve productivity and streamline their workflow, it is the ideal partner.

Claude can process information, generate text, and write code, among many other things. It can help you come up with ideas, break down difficult tasks, and even give you advice when things get tough. To maintain its position as the most secure, reliable, and safest choice out there, this AI assistant is always being updated with new features.

For only $20 (US) or £18 (UK) per month, plus tax, Claude Pro provides more features and higher usage caps for those who need them. Upgrade to Pro to unlock all of Claude’s potential.

Embrace the future of working with Claude. Claude can help you realise your vision if you can imagine it.

Claude: Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to empower your dreams.

4. Google Gemini

Many researchers, including those at Google DeepMind, have been passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) for their entire lives. Their objective has been to develop AI that can augment human abilities by acting as an intuitive assistant in addition to carrying out tasks.

The newest multimodal AI model from DeepMind comprehends and combines text, code, audio, images, and video. In contrast to earlier iterations, Gemini is engineered to be adaptable, operating effectively across a range of platforms, including mobile devices and data centers.

Three versions of Gemini are available: Ultra, Pro, and Nano, each of which is tailored to a specific task. The most sophisticated version, Gemini Ultra, has performed remarkably well, outperforming human experts in challenging benchmarks and exhibiting sophisticated reasoning independent of text extraction from images.

Because it was trained on a variety of data types from the beginning and is naturally multimodal, this next-generation AI is superior in comprehension and reasoning. It is also capable of advanced coding, producing code in several programming languages that is of high caliber.

Google’s Tensor Processing Units were used in the development of Gemini, guaranteeing its efficiency, scalability, and dependability. Gemini’s training and development will pick up speed with the release of Cloud TPU v5p, which should expedite the release of new AI-powered products and capabilities.

Gemini was developed with safety and ethics in mind, in accordance with Google’s AI Principles, thanks to Google’s dedication to responsible AI. This innovative AI model is a big step towards a time when AI will responsibly empower humanity.


The way we interact with technology is revolutionizing thanks to Meta AI, which runs on Meta Llama 3. This top AI assistant is small enough to fit in your pocket and is available for free. It is now available in more than a dozen countries, including Australia, Canada, and Nigeria, and is expanding globally with additional features.

You can quickly locate eateries, schedule travel, prepare for exams, and even use Meta AI to create inspiration photos for your apartment’s décor. It can be accessed through well-known platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger and is intended to be your go-to assistant for both personal and professional tasks.

With the most recent update, Meta AI is now quicker and smarter, greatly improving the user experience. With no need to switch between apps, it seamlessly integrates with the apps you use on a daily basis to provide real-time web information. For example, you can look up the cheapest flights for a ski vacation on Messenger without ever having to end the chat.

Imagine, a game-changing feature from Meta AI, lets you instantly translate text into images. These photos have greater clarity and detail, and you can even add animation or make GIFs out of them. Meta-AI promises to become an even more essential component of our digital lives as it develops, simplifying and improving daily tasks.

6. Perplexity

Perplexity AI is an intelligent chatbot and search engine. It provides you with high-quality answers to your questions by utilizing advanced technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing. It is designed to quickly search the internet and provide you with the most recent information on a variety of subjects. Perplexity AI is user-friendly and offers a wealth of information.

The Perplexity AI Story The four individuals who founded Perplexity AI in 2022 were Andy Konwinski, Johnny Ho, Aravind Srinivas, and Denis Yarats. They had previously collaborated on large-scale language projects at Google AI. They founded this new business with the goal of facilitating people’s use of the knowledge gained from their work.

As an alternative to conventional search engines, Perplexity allows you to ask questions directly and get precise, succinct responses supported by a carefully chosen list of sources. It can learn your interests and preferences over time thanks to its conversational interface, contextual awareness, and personalization.

The goal of Perplexity is to transform online information searching into an experience similar to having a knowledgeable assistant by your side. It is a potent productivity and knowledge tool that can save you time and energy on repetitive tasks for a wide range of use cases.

In what way does perplexity achieve this?

It processes your questions and assignments with the aid of our sophisticated answer engine. It then selects the best response from a variety of sources using predictive text capabilities and provides a succinct summary of the findings.

7. Midjourney

One kind of AI that converts words into images is called Midjourney. It has gained a lot of popularity, much like stable diffusion and DALL-E.

With Midjourney, you can create stunning images simply by typing in Discord. You don’t need special tools. But you have to pay a little to make pictures, while others let you make some for free.

With Midjourney, anyone can quickly and easily create realistic-looking images. The images might be bizarre or breathtaking. Two AI technologies are used by Midjourney: diffusion and language understanding. Your words are read by it, and it converts them into code.

This code assists in creating the image from arbitrary patterns. By detecting the patterns, the AI gains the ability to create new images.

For instance, Midjourney displays an untidy pattern when you request a picture of “Bitcoin mining with bright colors and animation.” After that, it straightens out the pattern to display an image that matches your text.

Midjourney is skilled at creating a variety of artwork based on your instructions.